#LOL30 Sponsorship

Life of a Legend / #LOL30 Sponsorship


Starting 2017, explore Caribbean Carnival with Giselle The Wassi One. Get an in-depth behind the scenes look at the culture, the production and the business of it all. Over the course of ten (10) months, experience 30 Caribbean Carnivals, “The Wassi Way”. Get up close and personal with your favorite Caribbean/ Soca Artists… Meet new talents and explore  Caribbean culture with the click of a mouse.

Get a glimpse into the life of Giselle The Wassi One with our daily insta live or come and be a part of the fun!

30 Carnival experiences from January to October 2017… Are you ready to get on Wassi?


December 2016-  Bahamas Junkanoo

January 2017-  St. Kitts, St. Croix

February 2017- Guyana, Dominica, Trinidad

April 2017-  St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Jamaica

May 2017-  Atlanta, Orlando, Bahamas, Cayman

June 2017-  Berlin, South Carolina, Hollywood, Bermuda

July 2017-  St. Lucia, St. Vincent, St. John, Rotterdam, Houston,

August 2017-  Nevis, Antigua, Toronto, Barbados, Grenada, Anguilla, London

September 2017-  New York, Belize

October 2017-  MIAMI (The Climax)

Target Demographic 

Our target demographic pool gives us a little over 50 million potential households to attract, capture and maximize.

Essentially, every household in this target market is familiar with carnival of some sort.

This product will appeal to those that have experienced carnival, looking to experience or interested in different carnival experiences. This is an excellent travel guide to the Caribbean and additionally, the product showcases culture and highlights international commerce.

After viewing the product, supporters will gain an understanding of different cultural nuances found in each market.  They will also be exposed to new music, artists, and DJs. Ultimately, supporters will be inclined to travel to any of the 30 locations to experience their interpretation of the various Carnivals.


Our goal is to inform, educate, persuade and entertain our supporters.

  • Viewers will walk away with a new found respect for the Carnival culture and the business of Carnival.
  • Viewers will be inclined to participate in Carnival, travel to a featured location and support product sponsors.
  • The product will prompt viewers to share, comment and engage in live events. (ie. polls, giveaways etc)

Overall, the viewers will walk away wanting to experience carnival “The Wassi Way”.


The #LOL30 Carnival Tour will begin at the top of the year with Junkanoo in the Bahamas and climax with The Wassi Ones on the Road in Miami, FL, as Giselle The Wassi One celebrates 30 years as a band leader.

This project in its entirety will be shown via the world wide web and will be accessible through multiple streams including YouTube and Facebook. TheWassiOne.Live will be the primary base for all content relating to the project.

Additionally, the 60 minute Biopic will be released New Years Eve 2017 (tentative).

This project has a 16 month life span with growth potential.