Life Of a Legend #LOL30

Carnival Tour & Documentary

Giselle “The Wassi One” is a true Caribbean ambassador and her Carnival band, as well as her deeply rooted cultural background and, contributions make her a living legend. 2017 will mark her 30 year anniversary as a bandleader. In celebration of this feat, we will be producing a biopic to document her journey, influences, and relationships that span three decades.

The narrative focuses on the life of Giselle The Wassi One on the road and her interaction with supporters, staff, and artists the world over. In the final product, viewers will experience the climax of our thirty (30) carnival tour. Throughout the #LOL30 Carnival tour, we will document each location focusing on the business of carnival, behind the scene preparations and professional relationships.Supporters can be a part of the action in real time via Twitter, Instagram and, Facebook. At the end of each Carnival experience, viewers can visit TheWassiOne.Live for a recap highlighting behind the scenes production, Carnival day and special performances.

The Life of a Legend film is about professional struggles, triumphs, and growth. Watch one woman’s journey to success in a male-dominated space. Experience the many emotions associated with the business and watch strangers become family.
30 Carnival experiences…30 markets… Ten months
We are legendary!

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